Bring Your Projects to Life

End-to-End Partner

Here's the Core Process

BR Design's only goal is to bring your project to life. To do that, we focus on three things: We listen, we design, and we act on your behalf. And we don't just drop plans in your lap and wish you luck. As builders ourselves, we'll offer our expertise all the way up until project completion.

Conceptual Design

Research and narrow client's goal for the project. Create as-builts and begin conceptual designs.

Schematic Design

Explore concepts & select one with client feedback. Create initial site & floor plans as well as key elevations & sections.

Design Development

Develop & complete all major decisions. Create preliminary layout of structural & mechanical systems.

Constructions Documents

Create and prepare all final technical docs to be submitted for approval. Select final fixtured and finishes.

Permits & Bids

Assist with or acquire building permists. Help recommend contractors, review competitive bids and negotiate costs.

Construction & changes

Assist with construction consistency and contractor questions. Work through and resolve design changes.

Designs for the Real World, Not Just Paper

We all know things don’t ever go perfectly in the field, so we don’t design in a vacuum. As designers AND builders, we’re able to see your project from both sides to ensure your project’s timeline and budget are as close to the estimates as possible.

If something comes up along the way, we’ll know just how to dive in and solve for it. We’ll make you (and your project) look good.

Design for your goals… not just the one your asked for.


Value Added Design Thinking

We listen. We design. We act on your behalf. It’s worth repeating because it’s so important to the value and end product we provide. We’re not just listening to orders, we’re listening to your goals and outcomes. What you care about and what the building will be used for. To your budget and timeline. Then we can put on our owner hat, our builder hat, and our designer hat (we’ve been all three), and create the best.


Design Services

Design & Documentation:

  • Architectural
  • Structural
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Civil
  • Interior
  • Specialty

More Services

  • Project Administration
  • Evaluation & Planning
  • Preliminary Budgeting
  • Permitting
  • Bidding & Negotiation
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Design Change Management
  • Project Close Outs


BR is not a licensed architectural firm; we work with our network of design firms throughout the nation.

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