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Let's Build it Together

We imagine a world where the building industry LEADS culture. Where innovation and new ideas are embraced, not feared or fought against.

Your Building Resource Partner


We Want to Partner With You

BR is for Builders

We know that nothing significant happens without each individual contributing their part, so whether you’re on the clean up crew or in the board room, we want to partner with you.

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If You’re an Owner, We Want to Work With You

Your project will affect lives in a significant way. We’d love to use every bit of our experience to ensure your building amplifies that effect. Let’s start the conversation.

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If You’re a Tradesman, We Want to Celebrate You

As the frontline of the World of Building, you often get all of the pressure and blame, with none of the praise. We see you and honor you. And we’d love to hear your story.

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If You’re a Vendor or Supplier, We Want to Ally With You

Our business is dependent on businesses like yours. Whether you’re supplying materials, tools, or providing a service we don’t perform… we’d love to support you. Reach out!

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If You’re a Business Owner, We Want to Partner With You

Running a business on your own is a massive challenge, especially in the world of building. We’ve found it’s best to do it together, so reach out and let us know what you do.

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Work With Us

No need to coordinate updates to eight crews for every single change. With BR, you have a single point of contact for services from initial design to ongoing maintenance and everything in between.