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Building Things that Matter

Welcome to Building Resources


Building Resources isn't just our company name, it's what we are for our clients, their building resource. We've hired, partnered with, and trained the top experts to ensure project success.

We are "All Things Building," which we define as Design, Construction, Facilities, Energy, and Technology. By leveraging our resources across the board, your projects can enjoy more accurate estimates on cost and schedule, and tighter final results at the finish line. When you blend our services with our project experts, your projects just come out better. By being "all things building," our model allows us to wear multiple hats for our clients ultimately
becoming your project partner and expert.

We're a boutique builder that is built for the middle market. We have systems and processes to make sure every project is executed as professionally as any large scale builder, but with an intimate project process you would experience from a local builder. We have what it takes to make great projects happen anywhere in the country without sacrificing professionalism or personal touches.

We imagine a world where the building industry LEADS culture. Where innovation and new ideas are embraced, not feared or fought against. Where all builders, tradesmen, executives & managers alike.. feel their contributions are significant and meaningful. Where technology has been maximally leveraged to improve the project process and where collaboration is king.

The building industry is harsh and unforgiving. Join us in reshaping the industry by championing the people that dedicate their lives to the projects that improve ours.

Let's build.. together.


The world of building is as old as the human race… and it has had a profound role in guiding our futures and possibilities.


Building Shapes Culture

As the oldest, largest, and least digitized industry, the world of building accounts for 13% of the Global GDP and employs almost 8% of the global workforce. Our opportunity to champion the people creating and enjoying our projects is more important than ever before.


Building Is a Living Legacy

The legacy of building involves one innovation after another. It’s a story of human advancement, where each generation owes a debt of gratitude to the industry pioneers before them, and bears the responsibility to improve upon what they’ve inherited.​


Building Is Powerful

The World of Building is behind the scenes and often unnoticed. But, all of life’s moments are experienced through infrastructure buildings. We are born in hospitals, send our children to schools, work in offices and make memories in our homes.​


We're Not Just Builders. We Are Builders

And that is significant. From planning to flooring, from funding to sweeping, builders don’t often value what they do because “it’s just construction.” Culture may not value manual labor, but the truth is… Builders create places of significance. From the first step we take in the morning, to the places we work, to the special events we attend, Builders created the places and infrastructure for it all to happen.

You made that happen.


You & BR = Project Paradise

Why? Because we’ve spent decades shaping our services & systems around you and your goals as a builder. We take on the complexity, the liability and the burden of communication so you don’t have to. (and we’re really good at it)