Palo Verde Unified School District

Project Experience - BRCO Construction site

Palo Verde Unified School District

Palo Verde Unified School District (PVUSD) serves approximately 2800 students in grades from Transitional Kindergarten to 12th grade. PVUSD has three elementary schools (TK-8th), one comprehensive high school (9th – 12th), and one continuation high school (10th – 12th). 74.9% of the students attending PVUSD are considered Socioeconomically Disadvantaged.

Over the course of the 5-year Prop 39 program, PVUSD was awarded $775,118 in grant funds for clean energy projects. BR’s Energy Division team and the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services developed a plan which funded emergency HVAC replacements at the high school and funded the replacement of fluorescent lighting with new LED fixtures at the high school, three elementary schools, and the preschool.

The BR team developed the lighting RFP to competitively bid the material for direct procurement by the district. Additionally, The California Conservation Corps was commissioned to install the lights at no cost to the district. BR provided on-site supervision, working with the Corps internal supervisors to train, support, and direct the crews.

After completion of the Prop 39 projects, the district expressed interest in the CEC 0% interest loan month for the implementation of a 1MW PV system. BR’s team developed the application package, including schematic design, energy, and cost estimates. The district was approved for the full $3 million in funding.

  • Total P39 project Cost: $725K.
  • Annual Energy Savings: $89K.
  • 0% Loan Money Approved: $3M.