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Southern Kern Unified School District

Project Experience - BRCO Construction site

Southern Kern Unified School District

Located in Antelope Valley, Southern Kern Unified School District consists of Rosamond High, Early College Campus, Tropico Middle, Westpark Elementary, Rosamond Elementary, Abraham Lincoln Independent Study, and Rare Earth Alternative. The newest campus, Rosamond Elementary, was opened in August 2017. The district serves 3,300 students, 81% of which are considered low-income.

The district was awarded a sum of $790K through the Prop Clean Energy Jobs Act and, through a competitive selection process, hired BR’s Energy Division team to develop and oversee the program. After performing investment grade audits the team put together design documents for lighting, lighting controls, and HVAC controls.

To maximize the spending power of their allocation, BR administered a separate best value RFP for lighting material and lighting controls, and wireless HVAC networkable thermostats, which were then procured directly by the district. Labor costs were minimized by using the California Conservation Corps, funded internally by their own Prop 39 grant funds, to do the retrofit and controls work. The crews have onsite internal supervisors for quality control and workflow tracking, and BR also provided on-site support for adherence to project scope and controls commissioning.

Lithonia LEDs with night wireless lighting controls and Aulani wireless mesh network HVAC controls were installed at four sites: Rosamond High, Tropico Middle, Westpark Elementary, and Rosamond Elementary. With the remaining funds, the district purchased 12 wall mount heat pumps which were installed by district personnel.

  • 4 Schools.
  • Project Budget: $790k.
  • 2500 Lithonia Led Lighting Fixtures With Night Air Controls.
  • 132 Autani Thermostats and Autani Manager.
  • 12 Marvair Wall-mount Heat Pumps.